Kansas City's Premier Portfolio Building & Networking Event
for Industry Professionals


MODA Shoot is a collaborative event between designers, hair stylists, make-up artists, photographers, and models in conjunction with Kansas City Fashion Council, inc.



Photography by Chuck Mason, Eli Stack, Kelby Reck, The Addison Agency,  Hananiah Aldrich, Christopher Ruckle, Kelby Reck, Teresa Maly 



Moda Shoot is an event created as a strategic initiative with Kansas City Fashion Council, Inc.,
to connect industry professionals together for the purpose of portfolio building, and education. 


MODA Shoot X Sponsors


Header Photo: Regina Ochs Flawless Faces & Photos Model: Hannah Kathleen Wardrobe: Knitted Belle Boutique Hair: Caitlin Ross & Sadie Powell MUA: Nadia Jabr